"Choices: Making Moves to Win"...


"Everything you do is based on the choices you make.  It's not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame.  You, and only you, are responsible for every decision and choice you make."             --Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Choices: Making Moves To Win" is a preventative, life-care educational curriculum designed to teach people, particularly youth, how to make intentional, strategic, and informed choices that will help them successfully navigate the tidal waves of life and make moves to win. Our goal is to help youth make positive choices that promote success in their personal, professional and social lives.  

Our objectives are as follows:

Provide and teach a formula for making    strategic choices:

- To use case study analysis of good and poor 

   choices as a road map for strategic direction

- To decrease negative choices that could lead to 

   detrimental consequences and hardship in life, 

   while positively increasing informed and strategic


- To help youth recognize, identify and understand

   the consequences associated with both good 

   and poor choices and the short and long-term 

   impact those consequences can have on their 



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"I'd rather be rejected for my conviction than embraced for my compromise."   -Author Unknown

Program Highlights

Received a B.A. in Business Administration from Michigan State University and a M.S. in Health Administration from the University of Detroit Mercy. She received a Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.) in 2003 and a Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min.) in 2006 from Ashland Theological Seminary.

Dr. Flowers is a published author, and a professional Human Resource Trainer, Facilitator and Curriculum Developer. She is an empowerment coach and her purpose is to educate, equip and empower people to soar though life like an eagle!


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